Thursday, August 21, 2014

to create requires courage

You know how many posts I almost finish writing and publish?

Too many.

To blog is to create, and to create requires courage.

"...creative courage, like physical courage in battle, comes in a limited quantity - a form of person capital, which diminishes with repeated demands on it, and may even disappear completely." - Paul Johnson, Creators

I used to write so much more than I do now - part of that has to do with marriage, moving, & pregnancy - but I think it's actually because I'm scared.

In our day of instant information and social media which gives everyone a "voice" and boldness to share their opinion through a computer screen, the value of our words have dropped. Everyone has their opinion of ice buckets, depression, and the Duggars and those opinions are then instantly available to be criticized, picked apart, or corrected.

This is why blogging, writing, creating, succeeding...these all require courage.



get your thoughts out there. don't be afraid.

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