Tuesday, August 5, 2014

lovely surprises

Today has been full of so many lovely surprises after a rough two days.

Sunday night I heard a loud pop and thought my water had broken, but it hadn't. After spending most the day Monday in quite a bit of pain, I finally decided to call the doctor and ask what they thought the problem could be (I had been avoiding them because I've been trying to transfer somewhere else). They interrupted my rambling to say I needed to go to labor & delivery RIGHT AWAY to get checked out. Because of my incompetent cervix, I could be in labor and not even know it.

I met Sean at the hospital and after about four hours, they let me go home. I wasn't in labor, and they had no answers for me. Again. Just, "Well, we're not exactly sure what's going on. Go home, take it easy, and prepare yourself to have this baby early."

I KNEW that already :P

I left he hospital feeling so defeated and burnt out. I'm sick of waiting around the house all day, "taking it easy", not sure when that moment will come when this baby will be born. I hate feeling like an invalid and someone with nothing interesting to talk about besides her pregnancy. While it sounds great that I'll probably have Savannah with minimal labor & only a short period of pain, it's kind of scary to think that I might not make it to the hospital in time.

I went to bed last night feeling sorry for myself.

However, this morning I got my head around everything again, thanks to the Lord and my husband who has overwhelmed me with encouragement. And this might seem so silly and trivial, but when I checked my email after Sean left for work, I had a cheery message from Madison informing me that I had won a TOMS shoes giveaway I forgot I entered - for a $200 gift card (!!!!!) and it lifted my spirits so much!!!

An hour later, there was a package in the mail from some dear friends back home:

It was full of encouraging letters, a journal, tea, and this precious little outfit. I cried in the post office parking lot. This package was exactly what I needed today. Just last week another friend mailed me a package with a Starbucks gift card and cute baby stuff. How did I ever deserve this? God is so good. Savannah will be here soon, and at the perfect time.

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