Monday, July 28, 2014

My Daily Must-Reads

I follow about 100 blogs on Bloglovin'. I don't actually read every post in my feed every day (and I'm on bedrest and have lots of time to do that, and I still don't do it!); only the posts that seem interesting. However, there are a few bloggers that I will faithfully follow no matter what they're writing about - even if I don't know who they are personally! These few ladies' blogs have really inspired me and I always look forward to reading their new posts.

If you're looking for some new blogs to follow, check 'em out!

34 Magnolia Street -

Pretty Is As Pretty Does -

Poverty Luxe. -

The Contented Wife -

Oh, Simple Thoughts -

Robyn's Nest -

Like A Morning Cup Of Coffee -

Happy reading <3

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