Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Home & Still Cooking

My hubby has been so wonderful this past week...so supportive and encouraging. I am so blessed to go through this crazy journey with my best friend!

Baby's Gestational Age: 28 weeks, 3 days
Days Spent On Bed Rest: 6

After a bit of an emotional roller coaster last week, Sean and I are home and Savannah is still cooking (for now). It was so frustrating during those three days of being strapped to all those monitors, dealing with a different nurse every three hours, two doctors telling me contradictory information, a NICU doctor coming in and making me feel like an idiot because I wasn't currently in labor (I must have wasted his time), and feeling like junk because of all the drugs they were giving me to stop my contractions (thankfully, those did their job).

On top of all that, no one told me what to really expect once arriving home. They just told me to lay down all the time, don't do anything, don't go anywhere, here's some pills take these every eight hours, see ya adios good luck.

Um, hello!? A two-pound HUMAN nearly came out of me and you're sending me home with nothing more than a "good luck!" and a prescription?

I don't know how that comes across to the everyday person, but I was scared, confused, and frustrated! The doctors and nurses told me a lot of ridiculous things, and assigned treatments to me with no discussion or even explanation as to what they were doing.

(While I haven't had too many contractions since arriving home, I have been very sore, tired, and uncomfortable and the bed rest they prescribed was very welcomed, albeit a bit inconvenient.)

During a follow-up appointment today with my doctor, she quickly checked me, confirmed I wasn't dilating, heard baby's heartbeat, announced I was to start taking progesterone in addition to the Procardia, said see you next week, and left the room before I could even sit up from the table.  I wanted to cry, I had so many questions.

I'm in a tough spot here, because I'm basically forced to undergo all this drama since I have such a high-risk pregnancy. I've been researching (how else do you expect I'd be spending all this chill-out time but reading medical journals?) my rights as a pregnant woman, my options as far as birth, details on my exact condition, among watching documentaries and studying c-section rates, premature birth, and all these drugs they've been pushing on me. If I deliver before 37 weeks (which is an extremely high possibility), my chances of having a natural birth with minimal intervention are basically thrown out the window.

I'm mostly sick of being treated like some lab-rat or robot when I walk into the OB and would like to be listened to, respected, well-informed, and have the freedom to do things the way I want...while also having the security and safety of medical professionals in the likely situation that my little Savannah is going to need NICU care. The best combination of these things, considering my situation, would be a certified nurse midwife who practices out of Nashville in the same network of hospitals I'm currently in, and I'm PRAYING I can transfer my care to her!

As for bed rest, I'm doing fine. Watching lots of Call The Midwife (ironically) and The Office (less ironically), reading, making phone calls, and visiting with my in-laws. Our air conditioning broke while we were at the hospital last week, so we've been sleeping at my in-laws and spending most of our time there. They've been so wonderful, and keeping me company! I almost forgot what a homeschooling house sounded like, and it's been wonderful.

Sean scolds me if he catches me standing up or when he found out that I did a load of laundry yesterday...however, EVERYONE seems to be flipping out when they find out I'm not laying in my bed 24-hours a day! Right now I'm at Panera where I've been for the past four hours, and I consider that more restful than sitting in my bed! I am thankful for all the people who are so concerned about me, though.

As you can tell, all this craziness has my head running constantly. I'm not necessarily worried, just thinking on my little girly a lot. I'm trying to not think or study too much to the point where I grow anxious, but then again - ignorance is bliss, right? I truly have no idea what's going to happen, and I think that's what's helped me keep my head about all of this.

Then again, it probably WOULD be a good idea to spend some time doing something other than researching birth and pharmaceutical drugs. Does anyone have any ideas for how I can keep myself occupied during this undetermined amount of time? Any favorite new reads or hobbies you'd suggest?

Oh, and faithful readers, for my sake and yours, I ought to warn you that I will NOT be talking about pregnancy and babies every time I show my face on here. This is a huge part of my life right now, but I also want to continue to be a place that is relatable and encouraging in the areas of faith, marriage, and joyful & passionate living!!!

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