Friday, July 25, 2014

according to social media. . .

Have you ever noticed that social media portrays only the very best of people's lives?

Instagram captures the perfect latte, the perfect dinner, the perfect outfit.

Facebook brags about your perfect husband, your perfect weekend, your perfect job.

Blogging is a platform that markets yourself in such a way that others will subconsciously desire to be just like you. 

It's showing others that you can work that full-time job, author that full-time blog, teach that Bible study, travel, have an awesome marriage, invite friends regularly over for dinner, build that capsule wardrobe, redecorate your living room, run every morning, create beautiful desserts, all the while with a smile on your face first thing in the morning while you do your She Reads Truth devo (we know this because Instagram reminds us).

Ladies...are we really who our blogs say we are? Are our lives as lovely as Instagram says they are? Did our day really go the way we described it on Facebook?

Let's let love be genuine, let's strive to live in an approachable and humble way, and let's fight daily to bring glory to Christ and not to ourselves. I struggle daily with these things!

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