Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bumpdate: 27 Weeks UPDATE

I don't even know where to begin.

Let's just preface ALL of this by saying, no, Savannah isn't born yet and neither am I in full-blown labor (or else I totally wouldn't be writing this). However, I AM in the hospital for observation for two days while they assess my situation and determine whether or not I get to go home tomorrow.

It all started last week when I noticed my little girl wasn't kicking as much as she normally did. For several days I felt barely anything other than a little flutter here and there, so I was a little concerned. She hadn't stopped moving completely, so I wasn't in a complete panic. I called the doctor on Monday, and they told me to come in right away for an ultrasound.

The ultrasound was completely fine, and Savannah was healthy and wiggling around, heart pounding strong. There really wasn't any reason for me feeling a lack of movement. However, during that ultrasound they discovered something funny concerning my cervix and sent me upstairs to talk to a nurse practitioner.

Now, I have explained this to so many people and it doesn't seem weird to me anymore, so I apologize if it's tmi for you :P

For those of you who don't know what a cervix is: picture a balloon. The main part of the balloon corresponds to the uterus (where unborn baby floats around), with the neck of the balloon being the cervix. During pregnancy, the cervix is closed to prevent baby from traveling down and into the vaginal canal and being born before she's supposed to be. An average cervix is 3-5cm long, and during labor it will widen (dilate) to 10cm.

Enter in Beka, the girl with a never ending list of weird, bizzaro problems with her body. First of all, my cervix has begin to dilate from the inside out, a process called "funneling." This can cause pre-term birth, but often times women will be put on bed rest and still might carry to term.

BUT in addition to the funneling, my actual cervix is less than one cm long, a third of the size of an average woman's. They call this a shortened/absent/insufficient cervix.

I was referred to a high-risk doctor here, and they studied it further. These two cervical issues, combined with the fact that I was definitely having contractions on Tuesday night, confirmed that they needed to act quickly to prolong delivery as long as possible. The doctor told me that if they didn't, I could have this baby very soon and little would stop her from being born nearly three months early. Her actual words were, "We need to admit you right now, or you might have the baby this weekend."
g u l p.

Wide-eyed and with nervous laughs (to keep from panicking, maybe?), we agreed and I checked into the labor & delivery ward. They hooked me up to Magnesium Sulfate, as well as antibiotics for 24 hours. From my research, the magnesium prevents labor for 24-48 hours, and no more than a couple weeks. This basically just bought me time so the doctors could give me two steroid shots in order to quickly mature Savannah's lungs. It also will protect her brain so that in case she was born, the odds of her developing problems such as cerebral palsy would be slimmer.

The magnesium wiped me out. I felt like I had the flu. They wouldn't let me eat or drink anything during the entire 24 hours, which didn't help either! This afternoon when they stopped the flow I instantly felt human again! During the 24 hours Sean and I had tons of people stopping by, and we made dozens of phone calls. Everyone has showered us with prayers and support, and we are so thankful to the Lord for all of them!

I am planning on being discharged tomorrow if I don't have any contractions until then. They're going to send me home with a blood pressure medication that is meant to relax the uterine muscles from contracting and hopefully will prolong labor for a few more weeks. Due to my shortened cervix, bed rest won't necessarily prevent labor from happening; she's coming on her own time and the doctors aren't quite sure when that will be.

The bottom line, however? We are preparing that Savannah will be born no later than at 34 weeks, but it's a stretch that she'll stay in that long. Whatever happens, she'll stay in the NICU until around her due date (October 12th). There's a very slim chance that she will have any major developmental issues due to her prematurity, but the high-risk doctors have made me aware that there is always risks for infection, bleeding in the brain, sight impairment, and other problems with babies born early (especially if she decides to make her grand entrance before 30 weeks!), but we trust that she will be in the safe hands of the doctors here in the Nashville area and ultimately in the hands of our loving heavenly Father.

I am in no pain, and Sean and I are not stressed or worried & I really think this has to do with the Lord's grace, because this is something that I would probably be freaking out about under normal circumstances.

God is good. He gives and He takes away, and no matter what happens, He will teach us and He will be glorified.

Please pray for little Savannah Joy; that she would stay in for at least another month, and that she would arrive with little complication, strong and healthy; that she would grow to love and follow the Lord, and bring joy to everyone she meets.

Please pray for Sean and I, that we would continue to trust God and for wisdom to make the right decisions, and a peace of mind in the midst of uncertainty.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us, called us, visited, and brought us food! We are so overwhelmed by your love for us!!!

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