Our Home

Most newlyweds find themselves living in an apartment or renting a small home for their first few years of marriage, until they can save enough in order to put a down payment on a house. Sean and I would love to own a home someday, but in order to reach that goal faster, we are currently living in a mobile home on his parent's 76-acre property.

When I was engaged, I had received some concerned comments regarding my future living situation, people assuming I would be living in a trailer in the backwoods of Tennessee with my hick husband and we'd be eating nothing but beans and rice. Well, I do live in the backwoods of Tennessee and we *cough* do eat a lot of beans and rice...but that's not the point. I am not embarrassed to say I live in a mobile home. Sean and I are really, truly, lacking nothing.

Our 16-by-80, 3-bedroom, 2-bath long home cost less than $10,000. We own it. We own our car. We utilize spring-water. The only monthly bills we have are electricity and phone/internet. Sean has made wise choices with his money, and I trust the Lord completely through him to provide for me and our family!

The house had pink carpets and bare walls when Sean got it - but by the time I moved in after our honeymoon, he had the floors replaced and walls painted. It's been fun making our little place a home, and we love living here! It's a 25-minute drive to the nearest town, but I'm adjusting.

We're still working on the bathrooms and the two back bedrooms, but the main living area is mostly completed. Here's what we have accomplished so far...

Our walls are a deep barn door red.
"C" pillow:  gift from my sister-in-law
Lamps: Hobby Lobby - $15 each
Bedspread: Kohl's - prices vary, I bought mine with a wedding gift card & 
received Kohl's cash back!
Painting: $2 at yard sale
Curtains: $5 for set at yard sale
Dresser: Sean's
 We knocked down that little wall there for more space. 
Kitchen table: $70 at yard sale
Cutting board: gift
Fruit bowl: Target, gift
 The awesome pot rack came with the house.
Bar stool: Target, $15
 I love my little kitchen!!! 
We spend a lot of time in our living room, and wanted a large sectional couch for us and also to accommodate guests. We found this style at a used furniture store for nearly $1,000 - yikes! After some more digging, we discovered a seller on craigslist offering the same couch for much cheaper!!
Sectional: Craigslist - $250
Large wall clock: Target - $49.99 (received as gift)
TV Stand: Craigslist - $20
LG TV: eBay refurb - $199.99
We love our fireplace!! The painting above the mantle was a wedding gift from a dear family friend.

more to come eventually... 
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