Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday Letters

Dear Tennessee, why do you have to be so hot and humid and nasty? You're stunningly beautiful, especially in the early morning and evening, but a heat index of 105 is NOT okay. Ever.

Dear husband, thanks for living life with me. Thank you for striving to love me, especially in the midst of trials and growing pains of young marriage and impending parenthood. I can't wait to start this little family with you.

Dear pregnancy, I'm not sure if I could bear another fifteen weeks of you. I'm quite anxious to meet Savannah & see her precious little face and have her in our life, but I'm also ready to be done being pregnant in this hot humid nasty heat. I know this will all be worth it come October, but in July it's kind of hard to imagine D-Day will ever come. I'm sorry if this is a terrible thing to say, but you're only wonderful like 20% of the time. Six months in and you're not going to find me ranting and raving about how much I love being preggo XD

Dear gluten-allergy, what happened to you? It's like with my expanding waistline and more lustrous hair due to pregnancy, I can suddenly eat all the bread I want without a problem. And I am completely okay with this.

Dear Craigslist, you have been so good to me. So much extra cash & so many empty closets in my home. Ah, bliss.

Dear family in Massachusetts, I miss you guys so very much. I'm sorry if I ever took your friendships and company for granted, because it really stinks not having you around all the time. Counting down the days until I can see you again. It's too quiet around here.

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