Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy Memories & Gender Reveal!

I had such a happy time with my wonderful family last week. 

After the wedding in Ohio, my parents and five younger siblings (ages 17, 11, 8, 3, and 15 months) came and spent five days with Sean and I in Tennessee. It was two of my brothers and my dad's first time down South and while they were here we enjoyed lots of driving around and enjoying Tennessee-type things (read: Chic-fil-a). 

So much Chic-fil-a.

My dad has been in the process of applying for jobs down here so that they will be able to move from Massachusetts within the year (!!!!!). I'm so excited to have them close by! It will be a huge transition for all of them, but a move in the direction they've wanted to go for years.

Gracie was only five months old when I got married, so I cherish every moment I get with her!

When my family was here, my sister-in-law Rachel took this hilarious picture of Gracie and Isabella (Sean's adopted 8-month-old sister). For the record, it was originally supposed to be a shot of them looking all cute next to my belly, but they decided to scream at exactly the same time and this was the only logical response:

With both of them being so little, I know they're going to grow up so close to my children. It's so neat to have a family with such drastic age differences between all the kiddos. You really see it all! (Seriously, there's fifteen kids between our families ranging in age from late twenties to 8 months.)

Oh, and if any of y'all haven't seen on FB or Instagram yet, FINALLY Sean and I found out the sex of the baby on Monday! 

We shrieked and cried in the ultrasound room when the nurse told us that our little peanut is a G I R L! We actually prayed for a girl and are thrilled beyond words that there will be another little girl running around here in no time at all! We're planning on naming her Savannah, and I hope she has her daddy's big brown eyes.

My mom says Gracie's a mirror image of me when I was a baby. Having her here made me so excited for October when we get to meet Savannah! I can't wait to see MY baby girl climbing in my bedroom curtains like Grace was :)

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