Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Second Family

Yesterday, I went strawberry picking with this awesome crew:

Sean's family is an interesting mix of "Yours, Mine, Ours, and Someone Else's" as we like to call it. He is one of nine with three older half brothers, a full sister, three adopted from Russia, and a seven-month-old sister adopted domestically last year. His family is such an amazing encouragement to me, and a beautiful picture of the Gospel through their adoptions - even of me into their family!

We live on the same property as them all, and they have been nothing but gracious and welcoming and generous and loving and supportive of me as I've joined their lives here in Tennessee. I know so many people have tension with their in-laws, but I am so blessed to say that this is absolutely not the case with me! My mother-in-law has prayed with me, counseled me in their living room in the middle of the night, shared with me so much wisdom from her experience as a wife and mother for more than two decades, and loved me.

I adore my sister-in-law, and she is such a treasure. We're constantly cracking up about something, and share so many of the same hobbies and desires. Sean and I love all these little ones as if they were our own. I really can't say enough about how blessed I am so have his family in my life during this season of new marriage!!!

We often go on trips together on the days when Sean's at work, and yesterday we went strawberry picking, ate ice cream for breakfast, adventured at Goodwill, visited a local coffee shop, and drove all over talking and laughing.

It was really a perfect, wonderful day.

While I miss my own family up in Massachusetts like crazy, days like yesterday show me that God gives us exactly what we need in season. These awesome Castilles are exactly what I needed to help this transition easier and more delightful. And I am thankful.

All the excitement of yesterday was increased because I get to see MY family T O M O R R O W, and they're spending a whole week with us here in Tennessee!!

Because you know what's better than family? When you have two!

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