Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

I had a really wonderful Sunday! Sean spoiled me silly! I am a HUGE quality time person, and with both of our busy schedules lately we really needed some re-connect time. Even though I technically don't have this little one in my arms yet, I still consider myself a mother. Just carrying this life inside of me has totally transformed the way I've always thought about motherhood and what this high calling entails.

We drove the 2-hr drive to church (it only took this long because we were talking and kept missing our exits), stayed there for a few hours, and headed out before the fellowship meal. Before we left, Sean's sister, Rachel, gave me two little for if baby's a boy & one for if she's a girl! Ahhh!!! They're sooo tiny!!

We then spent the rest of the day in Franklin; stopping at Jason's Deli for lunch, then some window shopping, then Krispy Kreme for coffee & donuts, and finally we braved the crowds to watch Mom's Night Out.

Okay, seriously, THIS WAS A FANTASTIC MOVIE. I've been so hormonal lately, so I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I was laughing and crying throughout the entire thing.

The story follows Ally, a young-ish mommy blogger of three kids (it's also awesome because she's a cool homeschooling mom - I promise you, they exist.) who's stressed and confused in the current season of life she finds herself.

I laughed so hard during the scenes were her husband was trying to comfort her during her bouts of doubt and confusion, because he said exactly the same things that Sean says to me all the time, "I am listening, I am acknowledging you, I am hearing you, what IS wrong, are you okay? why are you crying?" to which she responds, "I don't know!! This is isn't helping!! Ahhh!"

The movie was so touching and encouraging because it addressed not only some things I've been struggling with lately concerning marriage and impending motherhood, but also gave me a glimpse into what the future is most likely going to look like.

What I'm striving for is important. I am not wasting my life. God hasn't made a mistake in giving me this baby, and it won't be a mistake with any more that come along. This is going to be hard and I'm going to find myself in seasons where I wonder if God chose the right person for the task. In times like those I can be reminded that He has created me exactly for this, & He provides the strength.

Anyway, I would definitely recommend you to see it. There's no raunchy scenes or crude humor, and it portrays motherhood in such a positive and Biblical light. Plus it's hysterical.

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