Monday, May 19, 2014

Feed Him Bacon (& other words of advice)

When I was engaged, my mom and some of her friends threw me an awesome Bridal Shower in the top floor of our church on a rainy Saturday afternoon. A couple months before, Sean's mom and ladies from the church had one for me here in Tennessee. These were both such memorable occasions, and during these parties the guests had prepared letters, notes, and mini-messages brimming with wisdom and advice for a soon-to-be wife.

As I've been clearing out closets and preparing for the baby, I've found some of these little notes and I'd love to share them with y'all! I saved the goofy ones from some of the kiddos for the end ;)

Be good at communication with each open about everything and tell all! Be each other's best friends and a way to help each other work through things. Talk all the time over plans and dreams, hopes & are on each other's side when things get tough & when things go well. The first year is awesome, but the rest are the best!

Cover each other's faults. Forgive Quickly. Compliment each other. Dream together.

Learn to argue well but don't go to bed without resolving the issue.

Don't forget to go back to that moment of truth when you both said "I Do."

Always communicate! Apologize even if you don't think you're totally or at all at fault. Remember 1 Peter 2.

Keep the Lord as your first love, each other second, yourself last.

Make love, not war. 

Feed him bacon.

And now, I'm not sure if these necessarily count as marital advice or not, but...

Learn how to cook meat.

I hope you treat your kids well.

Have lots of kids and be nice to them and be a mom forever and ever and ever and ever.

More to come :)

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