Friday, May 30, 2014

a wedding weekend

This past weekend Sean and I took a trip up to Ohio for the wedding of my cousins Zack & Elizabeth. 

Zack's family has been extremely close with mine growing up, and there are twelve kids (nine of them being boys) between us all. My family drove from Massachusetts and we were ALL together for the first time in about five years!!! 

It was loud, chaotic, messy, and wonderful. There was too much food eaten, too little sleep, & rooms filled with obnoxious New Jersey laughter the whole weekend.

Here's some shots from the rehearsal dinner on Friday night...didn't everything turn out adorable?

Zack & Elizabeth's ceremony and reception Saturday evening was beautiful and Christ-centered. Zack and I were really close growing up, and it was such a privilege to see him marry an awesome girl made just for him!!!

The festivities ended on Sunday afternoon, but my family came down to Tennessee afterwards and stayed for the rest of the week! I'm still trying to get caught up with going through my photos and folding laundry since having all those people in my house, but there will be more pictures posted throughout the week of my family! :)

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