Monday, May 26, 2014

Bumpdate: 20 Weeks

I really wish I had better kept up with taking weekly photos of my growing belly! I'm at the halfway point (woooahhhhh we're halfway thereeee) of the pregnancy and am so excited to meet this little one! We find out the sex of the baby one week from today, and Sean and I are T H R I L L E D :D

Baby size? 6.5" from head to bottom, and 10" from head to toe - the size of a banana.

Movement? YES! I've been feeling what I've suspected to be the baby since week sixteen, but I became sure of it at week 18. It felt like popcorn at first, randomly and for only short periods of time, but now baby's moving ALL THE TIME! It's such an amazing feeling!!

Weight Gain? About 5 lbs all together, but goodness it sure feels like more. 

Maternity Clothes? Nothing really fits me anymore that I was able to wear before I was pregnant, and I'm completely in maternity jeans. I often wear dresses and skirts, as they're the most comfortable and forgiving on my changing (& widening) body.

Cravings/Aversions? Not really anything too specific like some previous cravings during the first trimester (Taco Bell, sour gummy candy, etc.). I've been outrageously hungry all the time, but nothing ever sounds too exciting when it comes time to eat. I think I'm moderately allergic to something (either dairy, grains, or soy), and I feel kinda sick anytime I eat anything, even if I'm starving. That discomfort might have to do with the aversions.

Any discomforts? Round ligament pain whenever I roll over at night and some cramping when I have a particularly active day. Migraines have gone away almost completely, and I'm really feeling pretty great! Just getting bigger & that's always hard to accept as a woman :P

Most looking forward to? Finding out the gender next week & then going back home to Massachusetts at the end of this month!! Sean and I will be attending a wedding, visiting with my family and then spending an overnight with all of them in Rhode Island! AH I'm so excited.

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