Friday, April 11, 2014

//transitioning: a playlist

So, I kind of dropped the ball on this whole Transitioning series, but I'M BACK and have a plan. And hey, Spring is still here for a little longer, so I'd say all is well.

The weather has been bizarre...snow one week to 80-degree days back-to-back-to-back the next. Work has been busy at the greenhouse, which has been a real blast. I'm learning all about vegetable plants and organic fertilizers and different kinds of flowers like clematis and lobelia and alyssum and plants like phlox and hostas and a shrub called a Yuca that supposedly tastes like a potato.

Quite fun.

I've planted some herbs (even a Stevia plant!! ahhh!! so cool!!) and am in the process of building raised beds in my backyard, and am looking forward to experimenting with seeds and vegetable plants! Gardening in the South is going to be a different experience compared to up in chillier New England, for sure.

Anyway, with all this sunny weather and waking up to the birds (including a rooster) every morning, it has me in such a good mood! I feel so energized and productive.

I love music, and I love how certain tunes sound BETTER during certain times of the year. So, I've created a Spring playlist for you & for me! Hopefully these songs will put you in the mood to go enjoy some sunshine!

Spring Music by Beka LeTourneau on Grooveshark


  1. "Spring Music by Beka LeTourneau on Grooveshark"
    Someone needs to change her grooveshark username... ;)

    Love you, girl!

    1. Ahhh HAHA! I didn't even notice that! it's funny, I'll still occasionally start signing that name on receipts, bills, etc. :P It's a hard habit to break!

  2. For some reason when the weather gets warmer and the sunshine gets brighter, I just want to roll down my windows and listen to country music. :)

    1. Exactly! I associate a lot of last Spring to wedding planning and I listened to country music a lot because it reminded me of the man waiting for me down in Tennessee! <3


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