Monday, April 7, 2014

That Day I Ran Over A Squirrel

& then drove my car into a ditch. and then hit a turkey on the interstate.

Okay, let me back up.

It was Friday, Sean went to work, and I had the day gloriously free to myself. I started the morning with a video call with two dear friends I worked with at Camp Cedarbrook nearly two years ago. They're both at college, I'm in the country in the middle of hick-ville Tennessee. One of them is an engaged nurse, the other is a music/Bible major, and...I'm still in Tennessee ;) We're all really different in terms of interests and even some doctrinal things, but we've always made a point to catch up every few months and I might even get to see them this June!

After our chat and lots of laughter, we said farewell. I got dressed and headed out around noon to spend the afternoon with a friend in Franklin. I pulled out of our long driveway, and as I turned the corner I saw the familiar sight of a squirrel running for its life. So I kept driving. And I ran over it....and I still kept driving.

Why are there so many suicidal squirrels out there? Sean was actually quite jealous when I told him - he's been trying to hit a squirrel for months.

Not even thirty seconds later, I'm driving down our slippery, windy road and somehow lost control of the wheel for a second and the entire car jerked to the other lane. I remembered everything they taught me in drivers ed (ha) and took my feet off the gas & break, keeping my hands firmly on the wheel. I tried to straighten the car out and slow down, but then the car did a full 360 and I ended up in a ditch on the right side - facing the opposite direction I was before! I spilled coffee all over me and I think a spoon hit my face from somewhere, but besides that - I was fine and so was my car. It still scared the life outta me.

THEN. IT WASN'T OVER. I got on the interstate and all of a sudden a FREAKING TURKEY starts strutting across the road, right in my lane. And so I hit that too.

The dumb bird just hit the corner of my bumper, only to keep strutting across the road. Pfff.

Needless to say, I was a wreck of nerves at this point. But I made it all the way to Franklin without any other major incidents. My time there was a lovely mix of chatting, exploring a little sandwich & dessert shop, strolling through the historic town, and getting to snuggle my friend's precious baby girl (I want one!)

I drove to Martin's next to pick up Sean from work, where we then drove into Nashville to celebrate our friend Daniel's college graduation with a bunch of our co-workers. Have I ever told y'all how AWESOME our co-workers are? It's such a blessing to have friends that we get to see on a regular basis, and most of them being so like-minded as well.

We went to an indoor trampoline place. 'Nuff said.

I didn't jump (i know, i'm lame), so instead I brainstormed some blogging prompts:

But I did get to get a picture with everyone else!

Including that kid in the back, photo-bombing us:

After everyone burned off thousands of calories, we went to a late dinner of authentic Columbian food in this hole-of-a-wall place in the city where they played old 80s music. We didn't get home until 12:30 that night, only to work again the next morning.

All in was a pretty fantastic day.


  1. Glad you still had a fantastic day despite your little driving mishaps. That would have shaken me up, too! Thinking about taking Daniel to an indoor trampoline place for his birthday on Saturday. I think it will be the stress-relief he needs the Saturday before ANOTHER test.

    1. Thanks Jenny! I'm sure you'll both love it - it's such a fun workout!

  2. Oh dear....I really didn't want to hear that story of your driving mishaps...TWICE!!!!! Way to calm a worried mother's heart! =)

  3. See I didn't do drivers ed. Might be why my vehicle vs ice experience didn't turn out that well a few months ago. But I'm glad you're ok.

    Oh, and congrats Daniel!


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