Tuesday, April 29, 2014

rain, motorcycles, & 16 weeks pregnant

No, those three things do not really have anything to do with each other, besides the fact that they all have been a part of life this past week.

On Sunday, before all the rain started to come, Sean and I spent some time outside where we (he) built my raised bed for my garden and while *I* sat on the hill in the warm grass and took pictures.

It's been raining non-stop for about three days now, and this is the time of year for tornadoes and flooding. It sounds like the sky's caving in with the rain pouring down on our little tin roof.

But, hey, it's making my herbs grow like crazy. I had to bring them inside because the cilantro was turning brown from too much water. I also have way too much mint. I bought it because it smelled good. And now it's exploded and I don't know what to do with it all? Any ideas?

So, Sean's been itching to get a motorcycle. He's not old enough to have a quarter-life crisis. Maybe it's the idea of impending fatherhood that's driven him to desire a motorcycle so desperately?

Of course, I have to do what wives are supposed to do when their husbands want motorcycles and roll my eyes and shake my head and say "youre going to get yourself killed."

However, if he's as serious about this bike as he was last night when he grabbed his hand gun from the nightstand drawer in the middle of the night because he I thought he I heard an intruder, then I might have need to be concerned.

Ah, but I love that man.

I know I've been busy when I can't do the things I love to do, like blog and cook and drink a whole cup of coffee before it gets cold. In that order. Instead I find myself doing laundry (how come two people have so many dirty clothes?) and writing thank-you notes and going to bed early.

(i also know that I've been too busy when I get emails from my mom that says, "have you DIED!?")

I am sooooo thankful though that I'm not battling 1st trimester exhaustion anymore (cue the part where all the women out there who threw up for three months straight throw tomatoes at me). I could only handle so much life before I felt like I would fall over completely.

I think it would be fun for the next few months update how my pregnancy's going, with pictures and some questions I've seen other bloggers answer about the changes month-to-month!

Note, this was taken at 6am; pre-coffee, pre-makeup, no-shower, & in work attire.... :P

16 Weeks

Baby Size? 4.5", or the size of a dill pickle

Weight Gain? None! I'm actually two pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant. I'm planning on talking to my doctor and seeing if I should be eating more. With work and hardly having time to eat anymore, I've definitely lost inches everywhere except where baby's popping out. 

Maternity Clothes? I can wear a lot of the same skirts I had before, but none of my jeans fit me anymore. I bought maternity jeans from Old Navy and they are the comfiest things :D I have some tops, but I can still fit in a lot of my old ones.

Cravings? It changes according to the day, and it's been everything from sour gummy worms, to raspberry sorbet, to New York Style pizza. One that's always stuck these past four months has been TACO BELL.

Any pregnancy-related symptoms? I get a migraine pretty much every day at 3pm; bizarre, vivid dreams; sciatic nerve pain; crazy, weird moodiness (in other words, I'll be laughing hysterically at everything one moment, to crying about nothing at all the next).

All in all though, I'm feeling pretty great, and looking forward to once the business of Spring is over at Martin's to where I can rest & read more and prepare this little home for our little one!


  1. I love reading your blog, Beka! And I'm looking forward to reading your pregnancy updates. Baby is already showing!! You look so cute! :)

  2. Don't worry that you haven't gained weight. As long as you gain weight _eventually_, and not too fast, it shouldn't be a problem. (Says the woman who threw up for the first FIVE months of this current pregnancy. It took me a few more weeks after that to get back up to my pre-pregnancy weight.)

    Also: mint is a weed, and grows like one. I suggest pulling off whole stems, hanging them up to dry, and then strip the leaves to use for mint tea. Store in an airtight container. You could also try making mint extract, but you need a lot more leaves for that (and some alcohol to soak them in for months).

  3. The last part made me laugh...the part about you having "weird moodiness". Some things never change!!!! Just kidding...=) And as you very well know, I've never been moody and cried at the drop of a hat with any of MY pregnancies. (Remember I couldn't even talk to you on the phone during your first trip to TN when you and Sean were courting without crying!) You were so cruel to do that to me while I was pregnant! You look beautiful, even without a shower or make up! I love you!

  4. GET A MOTORCYCLE! (Sean's mom is going to kill me) But seriously, some things get really hard to do after you have kids, and traveling by motorcycle is one of them.

    You look cute pregnant. :)

  5. Your such an awesome blog writer!! You always make me smile! You look great, beautiful even before shower...I really really like the picture!! Congratulations again on new baby, no more exhaustion, and taco bell cravings! I mention taco bell due to really liking their food! ;-) Love you girl and miss you!


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