Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Life Of An Extroverted-Introvert

I know. That makes no sense. Bear with me though.

The techincal definition of "extrovert" is someone who is mostly concerned with the environment around them. In other words, they're the kind of person who feels energized after being around a ton of people. Most of the time, they're highly energetic and talkative people who really love social environments.

The technical definition of introvert is dumb and awful and not accurate, but it basically means someone who is shy, reserved, and self-centered. Pfff. I choose to define it as someone who feels more energized after time spent alone, and time in large groups is fine as long as it is limited. An introverted person has a "tank"...and once that tank is full after a certain period of time of people-interaction, the introvert needs time to themselves again to "recharge."


What I mean by "extroverted-introvert" is that I'm someone who is highly energetic and talkative, and I LOVE social environments. And depending on the people, I DO feel energized after time spent with lots of other humans. However...all this must be done in moderation. I am not shy and reserved, but I definitely can only handle PEOPLE in short doses.

And this sometimes causes complications in life. Because I love people. But at the exact same time I can also get tired of people. Sean totally gets this part of me, and I love him for it. So here are 7 defining factors of an extroverted-introvert. Because maybe, you know someone like this. And maybe it will help you understand them better.

7 Defining Factors of an Extroverted-Introvert:

1. You love people but you also can't wait to get away from them. So you'll often silently slip away from conversations once lots of people start talking at once.

2. You count up how many nights you've been out that week and that number can never, ever, be more than nights spent in. 

3. You volunteer for all these different events & activities then cancel nearly all of them last minute because you don't know WHAT you were thinking.

4. You invite people over & love the IDEA of hospitality, but you freak. out. ten minutes before guests arrive & rejoice if they call to say they can't make it after all

5. You psych yourself up to initiate conversation with people before going somewhere...

...but when you walk in the door you change your mind and end up just talking to your husband and his friends the entire time. 

Then you go home and tell yourself you'll be braver next time.

6. Unlike a typical introvert who has no friends and is okay with that, you get sad if you barely have any friends. But then you think about all the work that goes into making friends & you try to convince yourself it's not THAT big of a deal.

7. You don't understand why EVERYONE doesn't love staying home like you do.

Can any of you relate?


  1. I'm raising my hand over here! I could definitely relate to all but #4. Considering I work at home by myself and stay in most nights, I'm really living the introvert dream. lol.

  2. This is spot-on accurate, Beka. I love people ... but not when I want to be alone. ;)

    1. Cassie :D Well, we DO have the same brain type, so that would explain some things:)

  3. I am so happy I found your blog through Paige. I just read three of your posts back to back and loved each one of them!

    This is definitely me!! I also love your definition of an introvert, which is definitely how I characterize myself, but I do enjoy being around people as well. I think these were some great factors and for sure think that extrovert-introvert should be a thing! :)

    Also, I love that the first gif you used was one of Michael. So fantastic! :)

    1. Hey Jess! Thanks so much for stopping by!!! Glad you could relate some! :)

  4. We had an introvert vs. extrovert conversation with your in-laws while they were here last week. It certainly is not nearly as clear-cut as we'd like it to be! For example, my dad loves talking, performing, and being the center of attention---but after a day of that he just needs to go collapse on the couch with a Dr. Pepper and have his alone time.

    As for you, you sound like...a talkative, energetic introvert. I'm a quiet, low-energy introvert, but I could identify with all the items on your list. I do love people! I find them fascinating. But talking to them is so hard! And I much prefer the small-group setting to a huge group. I think one of the characteristics of introverts (at least the most introverted kind ;) is we value depth over breadth. That's why extroverts tend to have lots of friends and introverts have few, for example.
    I'd disagree that a typical introvert is fine with having no friends. Humans need friends. It's just so hard to find and make one that too many shy people just settle for loneliness instead. So (advice to the general public): don't leave the quiet girl alone in the corner! She might desperately want to make a friend, but is too afraid to try. :)

  5. I came across your blog through another, and I love this post. hahha This describes me pretty well. I especially like the last one! :)


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