Monday, March 31, 2014

Some Blogging Goals

Yikes! Over two whole weeks and not a single post! I really don't know what happened, OR where the time went! It's funny, after being away from writing regularly, I actually forget how much I love blogging and sitting down to write this post has taken me literally, all day. Not quite sure where to begin.

I guess this absence of writing and time spent instead just scrolling through my Bloglovin' stream has me questioning a lot of how (& why) I do things around here.

What do I want for this blog of mine? Am I blogging for other bloggers? Am I blogging only for money? Am I blogging for myself? Am I blogging for all those other people I hope and pray are reading what my efforts have produced?

I browse a lot of different blogs, and I've noticed the same string of giveaways and sponsor spotlights and marketing and link parties and all of that clutter takes up at least 25% of the content I'm reading.
& I'm not sure if I want to follow along with what's considered "popular" in the blogging world.

I absolutely love doing this, but the moment I start sounding like an infomercial or ike I'm transforming myself into a "blogger" who writes about "blogger things" instead of Beka Who Writes About Beka Things - I need to step back & reconsider why I'm spending so much time on here.

So, while I figure that out and work on creating more content, I'm going to quit worrying so much about blogging X amount of times a week and looking and sounding like everyone else.

This means 5 things:

1. I'm going to focus more on being real. I'm going to include more "random thoughts" posts, more brain dumps, more writing on life, and more quirky Beka humor. I'm going to try and be more transparent.

2. I'm going to focus more on being mature. This means writing what I know as I grow, but not forcing myself to sound like some wise sage with something constantly to teach. I'm barely an adult myself, I can only write what I know from what I've learned myself & what wisdom the Lord has taught me.

3. I'm going to focus on content and being more readable. In other words, WRITING WRITING WRITING. I'm going to be doing less networking, less link-ups, less questionnaires, less emailing about ad-space - and more writing. I need to grow in this area and give people a reason to come back to my blog.

4. I am still open to the idea of guest posts. Whether that means a swap of some sort, having my work featured on your site, or yours on mine. I think this is a really fun way to grow as a blogger and write for an audience other than your own.

5. I'm still open to swapping ads on my sidebar. They will be there for an indefinite amount of time (until someday I ad paid sponsorships) and I don't have plans to promote my sponsors, at the moment. Someday, but like I said - for now, I'd like to work on my own content & the sidebar ads are at least a little promotion for you & your work.

Thanks for reading my ramblings, and even with a super busy next few months (visitors, weddings, Spring season @ Martin's), I have some plans for content and I'm excited to start.


  1. I totally agree with you. I know for a fact I go through and click "Mark as Read" for every promotion, sponsor spotlight, giveaway on my Bloglovin' - that's not the stuff I want to read about, and I strive to always deliver quality content, even if I am promoting my sponsors at the same time.

    That being said - I have one more swap for April if you want to be it! Just go here to apply:

  2. You made some great points here. I agree with you on the blogging for you and providing good content. I had been missing your posts :( I actually stopped by your blog yesterday to make sure I hadn't overlooked a post in my bloglovin' feed from you. I was so glad to see you back today :)

    1. Aw, thanks Paige! Glad to know I was missed! I read every post of yours - still can't find a way to comment on my bloglovin' iphone app, but i frequently enjoy what you write :)

  3. Yay, Beka! You've remembered why people love blogs in the first place---why blogging EXISTS! It's because we want to read a story; a beautiful, messy, real-life story about YOU. Find ways to display the uniqueness of your life, and the people will be drawn in. :)

    1. Thank you, Amy! I'm definitely trying!


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