Friday, February 21, 2014

world traveler

Well, I can't say I've necessarily been a world traveler, but these last couple weeks Sean and I have been traveling quite a bit.

All last week I was in Massachusetts visiting my family!! I surprised my mom, my 11-month-old sister started walking, and I got to visit with some dear friends. I'll be posting more about that trip soon (including some crazy flying stories)

but for now here's a picture of my sister looking like a pink Eskimo:

I came home right into two full days back at Martin's getting ready for Spring...

...and then Sean and I are off again for a long weekend in Ohio!! 

We'll be visiting some dear friends (Anna can be found blogging here:, attending a wedding, and popping in on some cousins for an overnight. 

Having spent a whole week apart, it'll be nice to have a little time away with Sean where we're free from work and school and other stresses! 

We're driving there now, & while I love belting out country music with him and enjoying random conversation (fake country accents, ectopic pregnancies, spray tans on men, fish emulsion fertilizers, ya know normal stuff), I do NOT love blogging on this darn Blogger iPhone app. I can't do fancy hyperlinks or center stuff :P

My awesome mom gave us a Cracker Barrel gift card, & we're currently contemplating if we're hungry enough to use it or if we should wait...serious decision here.

We'll be back on Monday - & I need to seriously start scheduling more posts! How do some of you bloggers handle vacations or absences where you don't have time to post? Do you write ahead, battle phone apps, or just leave people wondering where you went?


  1. All the traveling sounds exciting! (Your baby sister is so adorable! Her blue eyes just sparkle. :)

    I'm all too guilty of not thinking about writing ahead until the time to do so has already passed. It would be an efficient way to get things done though! Battling the phone app is usually what goes down (for traveling), unless my patience wears super thin that day and/or time is limited. Then I usually just wait until we get back home to fill everyone in on what's been up. :)

  2. Look at those baby blues! Sounds like a lot of excitement.

    I actually do a lot of writing from my mobile, but I don't blog directly from it - too frustrating. I tend to write up drafts in mail, and then paste and format them into Expression Engine (my website platform) when I get to a computer.

    I also try to keep things scheduled a few weeks ahead of time anyway, but if I know we're going to be gone, I try make sure to get posts and social media scheduled so I (theoretically) don't have to worry about it while we're away.

    1. That sounds like a good idea, Elise. I don't mind typing on my phone, it's the formatting and not being able to preview a post before posting that scares me!

  3. I always like to sit down on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and write up and schedule my posts for a week. That way I don't have to worry about it when I'm tired and uninspired after work! And, it gives me some breathing room so I don't constantly have the pressure to post on my back. The longer I've been doing it the farther ahead I've gotten. :) Looks like you had so much fun! Your little sister is ADORABLE!

    1. I wish I had that kind of creativity and motivation! I'm going to try to schedule a bit more this week!


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