Friday, February 28, 2014

travels, weddings, Ikea, & too much randomness for you to handle

Do any of you bloggers out there who are on Bloglovin' ever fall DREADFULLY behind on reading other blogs? I currently have 66 unread posts in my queue right now. I don't even comment on every technically the bloggers won't know if I've read it or not...but I still feel like I should :P It's like when you get sucked into a show on Netflix, whether or not it's the best show you've ever seen, you feel like you're missing something if you skip an episode. And this is how I feel when I don't read the posts from the 35ish bloggers I follow (I only follow about 10 faithfully). #firstworldproblems.

So, here I am, blogging & thinking maybe other people will read my ramblings even though **I** rarely have the time to read other blogs *sigh.

I'm finally recovering from two weeks of non-stop action, & have today off, all to myself. It's fantastic. These last seven days have seriously been the fastest seven days of my life, & we've fit in so much. A day and a half after I came back from Massachusetts, Sean and I drove straight from work on Friday night to Cincinnati to visit some friends, attend a wedding, and see some cousins.

I didn't get many pictures, but the wedding was beautiful and we were able to see many CollegePlus friends. & for those who have no idea what "collegeplus friends" even mean, go ahead and read my story here and hopefully it will make more sense. These people are some of my favorite in the world!

I am also definitely allergic to gluten. I have to quit convincing myself it's all in my head. Because I ate two donuts for breakfast on Sunday (which no normal person should ever do, anyway, unless you're sean and can eat five and still lose weight) & about threw it all up during church. But, I didn't, because this girl literally can't throw up. I've only done it twice in my life. So now Sean has since forbidden me from eating gluten because he's always warning me of what will happen to me if I eat it & I still do it anyway.

Why do I do this? because bread. and because pizza. and because pancakes.

After our too-quick visit with our friends in Cincinnati, we drove an hour north to spend a night with my awesome cousins. These are the cousins with the six kids all the ages of the six in my family, the cousins who lived in Germany & who we got to visit when I was 8, the cousins who are constantly playing practical jokes with us (including littering our front yard with easter eggs or drawing mustaches on family photos hanging in the hallway, or plastic wrapping each other to our beds when we're sleeping, or leaving a CPR dummy head in the shower before we left while visiting once, etc) they're just all around awesome people. Their oldest son is getting married in May (yippeeee!!!), so this would be our last time to see them before the big wedding!

They even took us to Costco with them for lunch & to shop with them :D

if you've never been to Costco before and if you didn't grow up in a large family and if you're not obsessed with buying in bulk (especially organic bulk food) CHEAP and if you don't love the idea of frozen yogurt, large warehouses, free samples & happiness - then, nevermind.

Especially this lemonade. Sean and I went through an entire bottle (ITS HUGE) in two days (also not too healthy, but compared to the donuts, I'll take it.)

After we went to Costco and bid farewell to our awesometastic cousins, Sean and I went to Ikea. Seriously, this was the best day ever. I must have thanked Sean a bazillion times for taking me there. I didn't get any pictures of Ikea, because we were like two little kids the entire time running all over the place :D We picked up a lamp for our living room, some curtain rods, throw pillows, a throw blanket, some tupperware containers, and of course, Swedish chocolate :D

lamp $12 | blanket $4.99 | stripey pillow $7 | curtains: gift - finally put up! 

plaid pillows, $7 each

It was such a GREAT little tour through Ikea and I would recommend it to anyone. however, make sure you know exactly what you need before going in, though, because the options can be overwhelming. Sean said, "This place is like Pinterest - but in real life!" :D

Oh...and ONE LAST THING before I end this terribly random post, we still have ladybugs. It's disgusting. A lot of people in Tennessee are still wrestling with them. I think they like it so much in our house because of the way it's built or something. But, seriously, I am TOTALLY ready to be done with these vile little creatures. I look at them and I get annoyed. like, who do you think you are, overtaking my house like this?!? We cant even use our back bathroom because it looks like this:

And that's actually a pretty mild picture. We'll vacuum them up, but the next day it'll look like this again. What. A. Pain. I hope that once the weather gets warmer, they'll go away. They seem to come back whenever we have days alternating between freezing & mid-50s. Any tips?


  1. 1. I have never seen so many ladybugs in my life. I had no idea people had problems with them.
    2. I am currently sympathizing with your no-gluten situation - I've only been off 5 days and I would seriously eat a plain old slice of bread right now and think it was heaven.
    3. I always get overwhelmed with how many blog posts I "have" to read. I don't comment on all of them either - it's just not feasible - but I try to comment on my regular readers, and then branch out and meet a few new bloggers.

    1. Thanks for always taking the time to comment on my posts - Jenny! Bloglovin' is great for reading blogs, but I can't ever comment on them from my phone! But I love reading everything you have to say!! I'm going to try to just stick with a core group of blogs to comment one, maybe that will make it more feasible.

      Yeah, I'm thinking of trying out the Whole30 thing in the next month or so...maybe since I'm already used to being off bread, it will be a litttttle easier :)

  2. Hi, Beka!
    Congratulations on joining the GF team! I don't remember what we ate when you were over here, but you might have seen us serving two types of bread, carefully keeping different flours separate, etc. I'll have to ask Abby to get in touch with you about all the options you have. :)
    We don't have a nearby Costco, but we do have Sam's Club, which is pretty much the same thing. The free samples are awesome! Once time they were giving out half hot dogs and whole cans of soda!
    And...okay, I understand the ladybug problem now. Finding one in the grass is one thing. A million taking over your whole house? Ewwwwww...
    Lastly, I'm really liking your house. Very cute. :)

    1. Amy! First off, let me tell you that I am super jealous that Linda, Rachel, and the kiddos get to spend so much time with your awesome family! Can you believe it was nearly an entire year ago we last went down there!?

      Eating Gluten Free isn't toooo terrible. Except times like right now where I'm at Panera and all I want is a strawberry scone or a cinnamon crunch bagel with extra cream cheese!!! I probably shouldn't be eating those anyway ;)

      Aw, thanks! Our house is tiny, but we're having fun making it our own!!

  3. Your couch looks so stinkin' comfy!! I love the pillows you have on it. I'm also loving your new lamp - so pretty. Also, that is a ton of lady bugs! The house I grew up in had the same problem. It was crazy!

    1. Paige, our couch was a craigslist find and it's pretty much our favorite piece of furniture EVER!

  4. Sorry to hear about your bug problem, we get those too in our house occasionally in the midwest. I've found bugs in general to not like Mint oil. You might try spraying that around the infested areas and see if that helps any.

    1. Good idea, Austin! Thanks! Whenever the weather gets warmer they swarm & we cant seem to vacuum them up fast enough!

  5. i always feel SO behind when i see how many unread posts there are on bloglovin!!!

    1. I know!! & confession - I just realized that I'm not even following some of my button swap-ers on Bloglovin'! Oops :P

  6. I just signed up for bloglovin today and so far so good. Its soooooo nice to see all my favorite blogs (including yours) all in one place!


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