Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Craigslist Game & Other February Musings

Today is a lovely 61 degrees - and I'm having a hard time believing it's February. After sub-zero temps for days on end, this refreshing weather is much needed! It's a drive through town with the windows open, your hair down, and music blaring kinda day.

While Sean was working at Martin's, I was all over the place. I came to the coffee shop for a few hours in the morning where I answered emails & worked on my Q&A post with Jenny from Wonderfully-Complex. Stay tuned - she'll be featured here on Tuesday! I think you all will really take a liking to her!

I sat next to a guy who looked exactly like this, just add a face:


...and then I ate three green peppers for lunch. And a blueberry cobbler latte. SO GOOD. The latte, that is. The green peppers were...uh, green peppers.

This afternoon I went to a house party for a Nashville non-profit organization called Thistle Farms. It's a program that takes in women who are/were prostitutes, drug addicts, and criminals, teaches them life skills & helps them earn money so that they can get on their feet again. Once they graduate after two years in the program, 75% of the women are completely sober with changed lives. There were two students there who shared their story, and while it was really hard to hear the horrible things they were sharing - it was so inspiring at the same time to see how Thistle Farms helped to turn that wretchedness to hope.

There were some things that concerned me about the program, but that's another post for another day.

Now, I'm back at the coffee shop. I love this place. The food & drinks are better than Starbucks (& that's saying a TON FOR ME), the baristas are great, & it's been wonderful getting to see the same faces come in all the time. I like being a regular somewhere (the chick this morning got my gluten free banana bread & mug of hot water before I even asked for it O_o)

Other random happenings lately:

This cat sat outside our door and cried for forty-five minutes the other night. Sean wouldn't let me keep it. (Please excuse the dryer on the front porch - I promise you we're not hicks)

Sean's been looking desperately for a second car, mainly one that we can use to drive back and forth to work come Springtime (over an hour of driving every day). Our Mountaineer is a gas guzzler, and gets around 15-18 mpgs. We're playing the Craigslist game. SO ANNOYING.

We have yet to find an intelligent soul out there in Craigslist land. See:

People, if you're selling a CAR, please tell us how many miles are on it & maybe, just maybe, include a pic or two. So we can know that it has 300,000 miles on it. Or that the interior seats are duct-taped together. *sigh. And "u" is never, ever okay. But that's besides the point.

He's seen a few cars, & we even test drove a blue Volkswagen beetle today :D That didn't work out (duct tape, high mileage, old tires, etc.)

This week I've been messing around on the blog a lot (I promise, I won't change the theme anymore!), emailing people about button swaps (check out my sponsors on the sidebar!), reading, and working loooong days at Martin's doing inventory & data input and yaaawwwwwnnnn...

Have a great weekend, everyone! Any Superbowl plans? Is you're favorite team playing? If you're hosting a party, what delicious goodies are you making?


  1. The Craigslist game does NOT sound like fun, but I'm glad you had a great day! Thanks for the shout out! Can't wait to feature your post.

  2. NO WAY. I've looked at Thistle Farms! (not for myself . . . but future employment opportunities and such.)

    1. Wow! What a coincidence! I must warn you though, & I don't really know you well enough yet to know what you think about this kinda stuff, but it's run by a female Episcopalian Priest & the program is not at ALL Gospel-centered. It's more of a "let love change the world" kinda thing. That's mostly the reason why I won't go out of my way to support them (I'd rather give my time & money into supporting Gospel-centered ministries). But anyway. You probably knew this if you've researched at all!

      besides that, their products are AMAZING O_O


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