Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One Of My Favorite Photos...

I have so many favorite pictures, but this is on the list of my Top 10. This was taken July, 2013, with my baby sister about a month before I got married and moved to TN. My mom and I were teaching a VBS class at our church for 8-10 year olds, and I got to hold this little snugglebug in the back of the classroom while my mom taught the lesson for the day.

I grew up my entire life with four younger brothers, and was so blessed to have a little sister after years & years. She was only five months when I got married. I love her so much. Isn't she sweet? Gracie is going to be 1 in only a couple weeks!

me & my dad - 1990s

gracie & my dad - 2013

gracie @ 5 months old with TJ (17) at the wedding

grace & Sean - December, 2013

I'll post some more recent pictures soon! Right now I'm back home in Massachusetts for a short time...surprising my family! We're having a great time so far, and I already know it's going to be hard to go back home after being around so many of my little siblings!!

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  1. It is insane how much she looks like you. You're both so adorable!

  2. I have a much younger baby sister, too (as well as younger siblings closer in age). It's such a different but fun experience to be the grown up sister! My baby sister just turned 7 but I've been out of the house since she was an infant--in some ways it's hard that I don't get to be with her while she's growing up so fast, but I sure love that little girl!

  3. how fun!!!! i would love to have a 1 year old sister!!! :) cute cute pictures!

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  5. How crazy to have a sibling so young!!! So fun and SO adorable.

  6. She is absolutely adorable! I love that first picture of yall. I just can't get over the cheeks! :)


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