Wednesday, February 26, 2014

my trip to New England

Two weeks ago, I flew back home to Massachusetts to visit my family for a week. An aunt graciously paid for my flight, but unfortunately Sean wasn't able to come due to school and work. It was still such a wonderful time!!! My mom and my four youngest siblings had no idea of my arrival, & my dad caught their reaction on video...

sooooo totally worth keeping that secret for the month before!!

While there I relished my time with my five youngest siblings - ages 17, 11, 8, 2, and 1 :) I couldn't get enough of the babies, especially.

partners in crime | playing with daddys ipad

when i tell them to smile | this is what i get

joshua [8] & gracie [1]

ben [11] and josh [8] and i fought a grizzly bear

the four littlest | missing TJ!

just LOOK at those faces!!!

We were snowed in for the first three and a half days of my trip - which was a crazy shock to my system after six months in mild TN weather! By the time I left there was two feet on the ground. FEET. Like those things on the end of your legs. 24 inches. 2 feet. See:

[iphone pic]

I was able to visit everyone I wanted to, too! Including these two lovely ladies:

left: Hannah, dear CollegePlus friend from CT who's getting married in June and asked me to be a bridesmaid! yippee!!! I got to meet her fiance and play hours-worth of Catch-Phrase one evening.
right: Sarah, one of my bridesmaids and childhood friend. We met for tea during a snowstorm on one of my last days in New England. it was a short visit but full of so much wonderful conversation!

I saw some other friends too but wasn't able to get pictures of everyone! Overall it was a fantastic trip. My mom sent me home with another suitcase full of stuff to take home (including a crazy amount of gluten-free foods she bought for me once she found out I can't eat it anymore - how amazing is she!?), and I made many many trips to my old Dunkin's for some much needed dark roast iced coffee. 

The lack of sleep during the trip, combined with all the snow and sub-freezing temps, launched some weird sickness thing with me when I came back to 72-degree sunny weather in TN! I slept 14-hours that first night home. yikes. It has seriously been non-stop since then, and this is my first day sitting down in front of my computer in over a week and a half! So sorry to all those people whose emails I have neglected! 

Oh, and thanks to all the bloggers who gave me feedback on my last post regarding scheduling posts! That was super helpful and inspiring! Spring hours at the greenhouse are going to be picking up here shortly, and I'd like to stay fairly consistent in my blogging without stressing myself out too much and forgetting the reason WHY I even blog!

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  1. What a sweet surprise! I love the video! Thanks for sharing, Beka. :)


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