Monday, January 27, 2014

That Day We Got Engaged (Revisited 1 Year Later)

I had plans to do a "one year ago" post for the anniversary of our engagement, but then I realized I completely miscalculated what day this actually was :P

So, one year & 2 days ago I said YES to this man. 

Well, first I said no. Three times.

Let me explain. I'm going to want to include alllll the crazy little details, but I'll try & keep it short.

Sean and I had been together since October, but due to our long-distance relationship, he had yet to meet my parents. He came for a brief visit in late January, when it was sub-zero temperatures, when my mom was nine months pregnant, & when Sean had whooping cough.


We knew we wanted to get married, & had even some ideas for a wedding date, so it shouldn't have taken me such off guard when Sean popped the question (I had expected it in May...he threatened to propose on a roller coaster at Six Flags). We were out taking some photos with a photographer friend of mine, see:

Sean was hacking between photos and it was cold and I wanted to go home and I kept begging to get out of the cold because "we have enough pictures"...

...apparently not. Because right as soon as I said that Sean got down on one knee. 

He said, "Rebekah Ashley LeTourneau, would you be my wife?"

...and in typical classy Beka fashion, I told him no. Thrice. 

Smooth, right?

In my defense, it was more of a "NO WAY" kinda "no", not a "I'm not accepting this" kinda "no". But it's still a fun thing to say...

I did end up telling him yes right after, though. Oh, glorious yes. Over and over and over again.

Sean told me he loved me for the very first time, & I knew those three words were followed my a commitment to love me forever. 

See that smile, guys? 

I married such a happy man. 

He fought so hard for me, and guess what - he still fights for me every single day.


  1. WOW! It's already been a year!?

  2. I know! I can't even believe it!!!

  3. This is such a precious story! I love how he took you completely by surprise. What was your wedding day?

    1. Thanks Jenny! Yes - he did! Our wedding date was August 17th, a year to the day of the first day we met (in person).


    2. That last picture has been and always will be a favorite of mine, I had it as the background on my phone for weeks after we heard the announcement. So glad you agreed to marry Sean, and also that you didn't know him as a nerdy bully. =)


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