Saturday, January 25, 2014

How We Bought $248 Worth Of Clothes For 40 Cents

Okay, so this wasn't quite me who snagged all these brand name clothes for mere pennies - it was my lovely sister-in-law Rachel. I got two pairs of pants for $3.80 - but that's not nearly impressive as what she accomplished!

You see, thredUP (link) is an online consignment store of new and used women's and kids clothing. thredUP (link) buyers get excellent brand-name clothing for up to 90% off the retail price. Rachel and I buy most of our clothing used, & this site not only offers nearly-NEW clothing, but the prices are mostly cheaper than even Goodwill!

BUT what the COOLEST part of this all is (if you can believe it actually gets better), is that for everyone who signs up they AUTOMATICALLY get $10 store credit!

A lot of the items on the site are moderately priced at $3 - $12 each, which means that with your ABSOLUTELY FREE $10, you can buy an item or two (or three) for absolutely freeeeeeee!!!!!

Now, how did Rachel get all of these almost-brand-new clothes for forty cents?

Everyone who joins thredUP receives a referral link; Rachel shared her referral link with 5 friends - those 5 friends received $10 just for signing up. Rachel received $10 whenever one of those friends spent THEIR $10.

Are you following me?

Rachel then had $50 in store credit (she already spent her original $10 gift). This qualified her for free shipping. She ended up paying only forty cents out of pocket for 4 skirts and 6 shirts - a total of 10 items. FOR PRACTICALLY FREE, PEOPLE!

There are absolutely no strings attached to this offer, so you really have nothing to lose (except free stuff...)!

I've included my referral link throughout this post, so if you sign up for thredUP from The I Love You's, you not only get $10 to spend, but Rachel & I do as well. 

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  1. Must say, the last shirt, the blue one, is exactly Rachel... =) Love the new clothes!


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