Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 In Review (According to Facebook)

To read last year's re-cap post, see here.

What a huge year 2013 has been! I have seen more change this year than ever before, and I'd love to share that here! 

~ January ~

~ February ~

After 18 years and four brothers, I finally got a little sister!

~ March ~

I turned 18 and received many puzzled comments when people tried to reconcile the fact I was engaged while being so young. Yes, I really am 18. Yes, I was born in 1995. Yes, I know that's young. Yes, I know what I'm getting into. 

I also traveled to TN for the first time since October of the previous year to visit Sean's family, and we traveled to Texas and I met many new faces. His church also threw a bridal shower for me!

~ April ~

I searched long and hard, but I really don't think anything too exciting happened in April. Continued Dunkin's working and wedding planning and packing, etc.

~ May ~

Day trip to Portsmouth, NH with some dear friends, a weekend visit from Sean, and another bridal shower - this time from local ladies! So blessed!

~ June ~

Sean came again, and we went to Rhode Island for my family's yearly summer vacation.

~ July ~

~ August ~

~ September ~

Settled into life in TN. Unpacking our house, cleaning projects, day trips to town to buy necessities, and enjoying time as newlyweds filled our days! Sean's church threw a dance reception for us, and we also started working at Potts Processing.

~ October ~

Left Potts, began working full-time at Martin's Home and Garden, where we met many new faces. My brother TJ came to visit and we took a 5-day road trip up to Sioux City for a wedding and stayed with Katie!!

~ November ~

Continued with part-time work at Martin's, hosted guests in our home several times, and celebrated Thanksgiving with Sean's family. 

~ December ~

Sean started his capstone course for his degree, I left Martin's until January, and Sean worked part-time at Potts again. My mom, TJ, and siblings Jonathan (2) and Grace (9 months) came to visit for a week as well! It was so wonderful. Our first Christmas being married was a mellow and laid-back day.

~ Some Misc. Highlights & Funny Moments ~

Happy 2014 - everyone! May this upcoming year be greater, our words sweeter, and our love more genuine.

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