Monday, December 23, 2013


Sean and I are enjoying a day inside today. A fire is started, I have coffee, and all is well in the world.

Except it's freezing cold. It was 73 degrees the other day, down to the mid-thirties right now. I'm such a wimp. C'mon New England blood - don't fail me now!

With some time off at Martin's, I've been home a lot more and have been reading a bunch...

When Sinners Say "I Do" is an excellent study on how the biggest culprit in your marriage - is you. So far it's been really convicting for me as I realize the ways I need to be more gracious, more loving, and more humble in my relationship with Sean.

Real Marriage by Mark Driscoll is a controversial one, for sure. But I like reading controversial books...mostly so that I'm not speaking in ignorance when I give my opinion about a certain author or topic ;) So far, so good! I really like Driscoll's teaching for the most part, but I am reading this one with discernment.

Lastly, chickens. I'm interested in raising my own poultry for eggs and meat (eventually) and have been researching all that involves!

Since Sean and I got married four months ago, we have had overnight guests six times. Yes, six different times. After this weekend, it'll be seven. Living out in the country I wasn't expecting to be able to entertain guests at all! I've been recording the stories of the people who have come into our home, and am hoping to continue it throughout the years.

I broke our salt & pepper shakers the other day by dropping them behind the stove, so I picked these up at Marshall's for $4. Aren't they cute? The deer seem only appropriate considering I married a butcher and into a family of hunters...

Coffee. 'Nuff said. (My mom got me that coffee canister! - cute, huh?)

Making homemade kefir water. If you're unfamiliar with this beverage, it's a probiotic drink made by introducing a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts) into sugar water. It's fermented and you can mix it into an endless amount of flavors such a lemonade and cream soda. It supports gut heath and digestive it's delicious. I was drinking over a liter a day and was getting all these nasty migraines, so I've had to cut back until my body can get used to the great amount of probiotics. Do you drink kefir?

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Have a blessed day everyone!

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