Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY Makeup Remover

There was once a day when my mom worked part time in the cosmetic's department at Macy's. She would get this makeup remover for me while she was there, and it was the greatest cosmetic I had ever known. Perfect for my sensitive skin and soft on my eyes.


Well, I just used my last bit of this awesome purple stuff, and instead of running to the nearest department store and dropping $18 for a 4oz. bottle, I decided to try out one of those Pinterest DIY projects I'm always pinning yet never doing.

And it worked out great! Here's what I did:

DIY Makeup Remover
you'll need:
- a roll of paper towels
- a Tupperware container that holds at least 5 cups.
- a serrated knife
- olive oil

Start out by boiling and cooling approx. 2.5 cups of water.

Grab your super sharp knife, and go to town on that roll of paper towel. For me, it felt like fingernails on a chalkboard...

Set one half aside, and shimmy the cardboard insert out of the half you'll be using. It should come out pretty easily. Next, pour your cooled (but still warm) water into the Tupperware container and swirl in 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil/canola oil. 

 Note: you could probably use coconut oil, but it becomes a solid at 75 degrees. So if you're like me and have a chilly bathroom, the coconut oil would become hard on the towels and be rough on your skin. Olive oil accomplishes basically the same thing, but without the temperature issues.

Now, squuiiish the halved paper towel roll into the mixture.

Make sure the lid is fastened securely, and that's it! Once the paper towels have absorbed all the water/oil mixture, you just reach into the center and pull it out - like a makeup remover wipe.

I've been using them for several days now, and they've been working great! Perfect for even waterproof eye makeup.


  1. What a great idea! I bet this would work with coconut oil too (I use coconut oil for removing makeup usually). I should give it a try! ~Shiloh

  2. I use coconut oil head to toe! This has been great, because it doesn't make as much of a mess that coconut oil sometimes does. It's also not as greasy on your eyes and face!


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