Saturday, November 23, 2013

CVS Deals

Growing up, my mom would often come home with bags from CVS as she excitedly told us of how many items she received for having only spent a few dollars. She got so into it that she even had me sign up for a card so that she could get the extra benefits! Now that I'm on my own, I wanted to try my hand at it. It involved a couple hours with papers sprawled absolutely everywhere around my living room floor, two cups of coffee, and some inquisitive looks from my husband...but I finally figured out how to use the printer.

The couponing all came together after that ;)

With the help of Coupons.comMoney Saving Mom and some other resources, I managed to get
$68.90 worth of stuff for only $19.85.


I came home and found a 25% coupon from CVS in my email, so it could have cost me even less...especially if I had ExtraBucks (EB) leftover from any previous transactions!

Stay tuned this next week for a more in-depth post on CVS ExtraBucks  and how you can earn free stuff. But for now, here is the step-by-step process for what I did to earn these items...

1st. Transaction1 Crest Toothpaste - $2.99
used $.50 off 1 coupon from P&G Everyday
received $2 EB

2nd Transaction1 CVS Brand Women's Razors - $7.79
used $3 off 1 coupon from
used $2 EB from previous transaction
received $4 EB

3rd Transaction2 Nivea Men's Shaving Gel - $3.99 each
used $3 off 1 coupon off Facebook
used $4 EB from previous transaction
received $5 EB(fun fact...I only paid $.98 for this whole transaction!)

4th TransactionVitamelts - $6.99
Kotex - $3.99
used $2 off 1 Kotex CVS manufacturers coupon from past receipt
used $5 EB from previous transaction
received $7 EB

5th Transaction2 Sparkling Waters - $.77 each (there was no deal on these...I bought them anyway)
1 Bic Men's Razors - $4.99
1 Bib Soleil Women's Razors - $7.29
used $7 EB from previous transaction
used $4 off $10 worth of razors CVS manufacturers coupon from past receipt

6th Transaction2 Gummy Multi-vitamins - $9.79 each (these were the main reason I went to CVS in the first place!)
buy 1, get 1 free deal on these
used $3 off $10 worth of vitamins CVS manufacturers coupon from past receipt

Total paid for all six transactions: $19.85

Sean and I are all set on razors for awhile..wouldn't you say? :D

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