Thursday, November 14, 2013

of coconut oil and talking to ladybugs

I did some things today, you would say.

I found myself talking to the ladybugs this morning, as I vacuumed them off of my walls. I wondered where they were going, when they scurried around like that. Why they were in my house, and when were they going to go away?

I realized I am slowly becoming more and more like my mother every day...the way I cook, my obsessive nature concerning the cleanliness of the kitchen coutertops, my tendency to avoid folding socks...

I put coconut oil in my hair. Twice. Once this morning, and then later this evening after I dyed my locks a shade of brown that somehow is beginning to look jet black. Oops.

I took lots of photographs of my food, and while looking through pictures on my computer, I had enough foodography (i just made that word up) to justify starting a separate folder entirely. Oh dear.

I tore apart the kitchen looking for my sink sponge, when I finally settled on the fact that Sean most likely threw it away, by accident, for the second time now. But that's okay.

I started a compost pile, and didn't know what on earth I was doing. But it involved a pocket knife and a couple of ferns I rescued from Martin's, a dirty pair of yoga pants, and a pretty fabulous hat.

I went to Hobby Lobby, spent $14 I wasn't planning on spending, bought BOGO Starbucks with my sister-in-law, and then promptly got lost and then dreadfully confused trying to get on the interstate. She thought it was hilarious, all I was thinking was "get home get home get home don't wreck the car don't wreck the car sean will kill me sean is gonna kill me if i wreck this car..."

I spent way too long trying to figure out affiliate linking programs, and instead just gave up until tomorrow. Or Sunday. Or never. But I did put five "gigs" up on Cheeeeck 'er out.

I read the entire book of 2 Corinthians, and was blown away once again by how the Lord always reveals Himself in His Word whenever I pick it up. I need to pick it up more. I've been slacking. I can't be slacking. "So we do not lose heart" - 4.16a

Oh, and I did all that while Sean was gone today: cutting up skinless deer and stuffing them into vacuum sealer bags, and then watching a bunch of men chase an oval-shaped ball around in the freezing cold (aka, Potts and the Tennessee Titans, but I like my description better).

And he's not home yet. And it's past midnight. Which means I start writing sentence structures that look like these. And I'm soon going to not be making any sense anymore. I think I need to go to bed.



  1. Coconut oil helps a lot of things, even if just by making feel like you "did something" about it. :P
    "foodography." English needed that word. Thanks for Shakespearizing it.
    And those sentence structures? Ha. Jenn uses them in the bright middle of the day! Welcome to the crazy club. You wear it well.
    Lovely post! It was like Good Mythical Morning, girl version!


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