Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dance Reception

Because our wedding was over 1,200 miles away from Sean's church family, not many of them were able to come for our actual nuptials. These people love Sean very much (and by extension - me!) and wanted to celebrate with us once we moved in and got settled. The Courter family was so gracious to host a barn dance and pot-luck reception in mid-September.

The day before the reception, I was home while Sean was at work. My mother-in-law comes storming in the door of my house and says, "Quick! The phone company is on hold at our house, and they need to talk to you." So I pull on my boots and run up the hill to their house. I burst through the front door and within a couple seconds, the room filled with nine of my relatives from Ohio whom I hadn't seen in two years!

The Halls are cousins on my mom's side, and their six children are all nearly identical in age to the six in my family. Even though it would be sometimes years between visits, we were all extremely close growing up. Zack, their oldest, and I are six months apart, and he'll be getting married in May to the sweet Elizabeth. It was such a joy to see them all again!! They had come down just for the reception, and Sean's family coordinated it all for them to stay the weekend.

We enjoyed their company the remainder of Friday, and then they stayed Saturday as we traveled to the party together. The Courter's and those who helped had everything beautifully decorated, with lights and tents and a coffee bar and everything. There were tons of people there! Many of whom I had never met before. Two different churches were represented, and they all made a point to extend their love to me as a member of the Castille family.

1239028_10201160620390653_1996319959_n PicMonkey Collage3 PicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage1 IMG_4219

IMG_4218 (1)


Some CollegePlus! friends traveled in for the day as well.

IMG_4198 (640x426)

There was a photo booth with props, and we had fun with that!!



IMG_4224 IMG_3302
This is Sean and I with Elizabeth and Zack

PicMonkey CollageSean and I were also presented with a quilt that was pieced together by many of the families in the church. Every block had a handwritten note on it, and it was all quilted by the Smith family (Mr. Smith is an elder at our church). They run a family business called Cotton Berry Quilts. It was such a touching gift!!!

IMG_0756"I thank my God always on your behalf." - 1 Corinthians 1:4


  1. Though we miss you terribly back here in Massachusetts it is wonderful to see that you are wrapped in the arms of an additional loving, Godly family.

  2. I recognize some people in the pictures! Beautiful quilt!


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