Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Right now I am sitting in a little coffee shop somewhere south of Nashville, sipping vanilla caramel tea, listening to conversation around me as contemporary christian music plays above me. My husband and four other young men are sitting nearby, studying 1 Corinthians on this early Wednesday morning before the work day begins. (excuse all the gritty cell phone pics...)



These guys are employees at Martin's Home & Garden, where both Sean and I find ourselves employed at the moment. What happened to Potts, you may ask? Didn't like cutting up meat, Beka? No, I didn't, but that's not why we're no longer working at the processing plant. The opportunity for Sean to work at this garden center has come up several times over the last year and a half, and while it was a hard decision for him to leave Potts where he's been employed for three years, my husband decided, after much prayer and counsel, that this would be a better long-term choice for employment - for him, and also me!

We're actually entering the slow time of year at Martin's, but it will give us the chance to learn the ropes of the place before things pick up in March. And with both of us working through the winter, it'll give Sean much more time to finish up the last few credits of his degree over the chillier months.

On top of all that, it's a Christian-based, family-owned business. The original owner had thirteen children, and now one of his sons runs the place. The majority of our co-workers are like-minded believers in their late teens-late twenties, with some older ones in the mix as well. It's been so great having fellowship like that on a more frequent basis, as opposed to only on Sundays at our church that's nearly two hours away.

The work is new to both of us, and there's tons to learn, but everyone's been so patient to teach us about the trees and the flowers and the fertilizers we're working with every day...

PicMonkey Collage.1 PicMonkey Collage

We love being there, and are so blessed to have this opportunity!

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