Wednesday, October 16, 2013

To My Mom

Mom, I am so thankful for you! You had so much fun helping to plan my wedding, and it was perfect and beautiful in every way. You have taught me so much throughout my life to prepare me for my new role as wife. You've taught me how to cook, how to clean, how to remove various stains, how to drive, how to coupon, how to meal plan. You've counseled me as I've counseled others, you've walked me through twelve years of homeschooling, you've driven me to all of my CLEP exams and encouraged me when I've failed and rejoiced with me when I've succeeded. You've stayed up late with me, quizzing me on verses either for AWANA or the Bible Bee, never letting me throw my hands up in the air but pushing me on to endure. You've always sat up and laughed and talked with me and my friends - because they've been your friends too.

I have always had a constant example from you as I've watched you juggle new babies in our family, always being available to teach VBS and co-op and AWANA year after year, while in your free time preparing meals for other new mothers or for a family who needs it. Our house has always been full of children, many not our own, as you've extended your hand to single, tired, or busy mothers who needed the help.

You've always made a point to make our childhood fun and memorable - chocolate chip pancakes on our birthdays, little gifts on the kitchen table on Valentine's Day, notes on index cards if we rise and leave early in the morning for work, trips to Six Flags every summer (with tickets you somehow managed to get for free, year after year), sitting on the couch when we were little as you taught us to read, and so many other memories I can hardly name them all.

I've watched as you have supported daddy in all of the job changes, cross-state moves, church relocations, new endeavors, financial trouble, and car issues. You two have always been best friends, and your kids can see that. There's such comfort in having a home where mom and dad are still so much in love.

I love you, mom. I might have moved half way across the country, and might not get to talk to you as much as we used to - but I often miss our conversations at the end of every day. When you'd tell me about the most recent deals you got at CVS or to share a funny story about one of the boys, or I'd vent about a situation at Dunkin' Donuts or a trouble with a friend. I am thankful on a daily basis for the foundation you have given me and for the wisdom I've gleaned from you these last eighteen years.

Don't lose heart, mom, there's five more after me who need to know all that from you as well.
"...her children rise up and call her blessed." - Prov. 31:28

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  1. You are a wonderful example to those around you...I thank God you had the example of your mom as she has raised a truly beautiful young lady - may God bless you!


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