Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Of Plungers & Skirt Steak

Sean said tonight as we were eating dinner, "We're going to be like that newly married couple who talks about our food all the time" as I was taking pictures of our meal. Cooking is exciting when you find something that works, and you want to brag about it :D We brought a ton of packages of skirt steak home from work yesterday and with the Art of Manliness' help (along with my man's assistance which involved him running around the house opening windows as our home filled with airborne Creole seasoning and smoke because the pan was too hot...) we made this with these biscuits and mashed potatoes. Ahhhhhh SO GOOD. See:

While Sean was at work this morning I tried to see how much I could accomplish before I needed to brew a second pot of coffee (I made it until about eleven). Started off by making a double batch of these babies to freeze for the Fall when work gets heavy and we're starving yet have no energy to cook anything. I ate one in between Skyping my dear friend Hannah who's serving the Lord in Thailand and scraping a melted pillar candle off the top of my stove that collapsed into a pink greasy mess with the oven set to 450. Ha.

I also helped milk three cows with Sean's brother and the three little Russians (you'll hear more about them later, too, I'm sure), called my mom, and started a batch of Greek yogurt in my crock-pot with milk from aforementioned cows. Mmmm...raw milk:

Oh, and plungers. I can't forget about the plunger. I had fun attacking our shower drain this morning while taking breaks to eat Sour Patch Kids (thanks mom!) and drink coffee. Can't forget the coffee.  Our shower's been all clog-y and gross for the last couple weeks so I poured a concoction of salt, baking soda, and vinegar down the drain and let it sit for ten minutes.

Then, I washed it all down with a pot of boiling hot water (that I nearly spilled all over our bedroom floor :P)...and plunged away. A blog post I read somewhere said to talk smack to the drain...I tried it. I felt better. However, the drain is still clogged. It's better than it was before, but still clogged. Blah.

What I see right now:
-my coffee (i'm never going to sleep tonight)
-a pocket knife
-two SD cards...one that needs to be returned to my mother-in-law
-a sink full of dishes
-my cast iron skillet that Sean just brought in from outside. (don't ask why it was outside. in the rain. something about catching a steak almost on fire tonight? can cast iron catch on fire? :P)

What I hear:
-rain that is not falling on my cast iron skillet anymore, but that is watering my little ivy plant on the porch I've dreadfully neglected, reminding me that God is the One Who lets the rain fall. And maybe He'll be the One to keep my ivy plant alive.
-the John Piper sermon Sean is listening to. He's one of my favorite authors but I was never really able to listen to him...he talks so slowly. But the more that I listen to him, I understand why he talks to slowly - there's way too much concentrated wisdom in his sermons for him to talk any faster. He'd lose everyone! Sean is wicked into it:

“God’s absolute being means all the universe is by comparison to God as nothing. Contingent, dependent reality is to absolute, independent reality as a shadow to substance. As an echo to a thunderclap. As a bubble to the ocean. All that we see, all that we are amazed by in the world and in the galaxies, is, compared to God, as nothing. “All the nations are as nothing before him, they are accounted by him as less than nothing and emptiness” (Isaiah 40:17).” – John Piper

Some things to do this week...- unfollow all wedding-related boards on Pinterest
- answer emails
- begin assembling and writing thank-you notes for wedding
- figure out meals for next month (any ideas?)
- run 3-4 days
- unclog that stupid drain



  1. One time we had a clogged bathroom sink drain. I ventured to the store to pick up all kinds of caustic chemicals and grabbed this funky jagged snake thing while I was there too. After the chemicals failed to produce an unclogged drain, I tried the snake. Turns out, there was a rock down there! Guess which one of my kids was responsible for that?! (Hint: he's 4 years old and we often refer to him as "naugtikins"). No amount of Draino or vinegar & baking soda would have helped with that!

    Oh and I feel completely the same way about Piper! Jon loves to listen to him, but I could never get into it. His books on the other hand.... I can't get enough.

  2. That was so fun to read, Beka! :) I'm enjoying your blog posts!


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